Unity Editor extensions and game assets

By Alex Sveredyuk


This asset allows you to search objects on the scene with advanced filters. With the CSS-like syntax you can search by type, by attribute value, by name and by hierarchy.

Selectors supported:
  • Class (component)
  • Attribute (fields and properties)
  • Id (names)
  • Child combinator

Tiny window fits any layout and extends editor with flexible search on scene. The window may be used as popup with Ctrl-W hotkey

Advanced PRO version features:
  • autocomplete
  • favorites
  • regex in attribute selector
  • parent selector
  • full field path attribute selector
  • customize popup hotkey
  • search in assets


SkyConsole asset will help you easily add in-game console into your project.

Main features:
  • Simple integration
  • IMGUI View implementation
  • Use mouse to select objects
  • Mark method with [ConsoleCommand] to make it command
  • Use strings and numbers as parameters
  • Embedded help function
  • Detailed tutorial and documentation
  • Extensible and clean architecture
  • Sources included
Pro features:
  • Easily customizable Unity UI Implementation
  • Use methods of components as commands
  • Use GameObjects as parameter to get object or prefab
  • Use mouse with 2D objects
  • Scroll output and reuse previous commands
  • Assign IDs to prefabs/objects and refer to them from console

Function Caller

FunctionCaller is Unity editor extension, that allows you to call methods directly from editor while playing. Almost any method of object's component can be invoked.

Method parameter types:
  • simple types (most of types, supported by Unity)
  • collections: lists and arrays of any types
  • custom types - any class with public constructor (inheritance is supported; inner classes are supported)
  • picking objects from hierarchy or directly from scene
  • generic methods
  • tags for methods for better navigation
  • public, protected, private and internal methods, static methods
  • multi-object invocation
  • see values, returned by method(s)